#6 ~ Dark Shades

Have a solo post for you all , sassy’s internet got the best of her xD

So I hope you all enjoy the post , still straying on the dark side of things .

Well be posting more frequently so stay tuned ! 😀


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#5 ~ Mushie


Hello Everyone!

We’re so sorry for slacking but hope you’re all well!

July is coming, which means SUMMER 😀 Atleast here in Denmark

– celebrated with a walk with Blur & lil Mushie amongst the flowers hehe… Perhaps it’s time for me to drop the hoodie then? 😉

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#3 ~ Do You Wanna Know How I Got These Scars?


Pose: [EXPOSES] Couple Model Pose 10

Hai Lovelies!

It’s Wednesday and it’s been a really busy week ~ our apologies for slacking on the blogging.

I’ve been moving and started a new job, but Blur made sure that I’d stick around to do a blog post for ya’ll!

Hopefully I’ll get time, so we can squeeze in a second one too before the week’s passed!

Also thanks to all of you who have shown support by visiting our blog and especially to you who have liked, commented and shared our blog on Facebook ect.!

Special thanks to Uni Looney who’s done an amazing job with helping out with our pictures ~ Check out her blog, it can be found in the ‘Blogs We Follow’ section!

Bless you & hope you enjoy! ♡

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#2 ~ The Devil & His Minion

Sass & Blur 2

Pose: [EXPOSES] Couple Model Pose 03

Hello Everyone!

We got a little demonic post for ya’ll today ◕‿-。

A lot of stuff inspired from the Dark Style Fair which is ending soon – June 7th,

so don’t forget to go grab the last things you want while you can!

Hope you enjoy! ♡

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#1st ~ Fashion Post 。◕‿◕。

Sass & Blur

Helloo Lovelies!

After a long fight with our blog cause it didn’t agree with us on its looks, we are finally happy to publish our first post with you guys!

All in black as always – you’ll see a lot of that here, but don’t worry we’ll mix it up so there’s something for everyone. Besides that, Sassy can’t keep her eyes off of pink and fluffy unicorns for too long at a time ◕‿-。 lol

Hope you enjoy! ♡

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